8 Resources to Help Startups Move Forward

The startup grind is unlike any other, and now that we’re facing a totally unprecedented global crisis, many of us are looking for answers.

But where can we find them? At this point, there is a lot out there online and on TV. To help you cut to the chase, we curated these eight resources just for you.

1. 11 Tips for Startup Survival During COVID-19

We are very excited about having a Techstars presence in Buffalo. With their entrepreneurial experts at the forefront of helping startups, this group is an invaluable resource for emerging businesses in our region.

In Techstars’ list of startup survival tips, Managing Director Hilla Ovil-Brenner explains how to understand your exposure, work with mentors, stay disciplined, and more.

2. The Coronavirus Crisis Checklist for Startup CEOs

Are you at the helm of your startup? Tech founder and angel investor Feliks Eyser is here to help you shift your mind set during this strange and unpredictable time.

In his crisis checklist for CEOs, Eyster explains how to run a daily COVID-19 “war room,” calculate your runway responsibly, and create a cash-conserving plan through careful cost-cutting.

3. Why a Recession is a Great Time to Launch a Startup

The Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, having helped launch over 4,000 companies across 185+ cities and six continents. In a recent blog, the Institute explains why entrepreneurs shouldn’t worry about a potential recession.

How can you maximize your advantages during a downturn? Some suggestions include moving quickly, capitalizing on a broader pool of talent, and staying positive. Learn about these perspectives and more here.

5. 43North Virtual Workshops

Our friends at 43North have put together a series of online meeting places to help your teams stay on track. With the opportunity to connect with your entrepreneurial allies at a virtual coffee clubs, interactive webcasts, and zoom conferences, you’ll be able to maintain your productivity from the comfort of your own home.

6. Funding in the Time of Coronavirus

Mark Suster is a two-time entrepreneur who has sold both his businesses and now operates as a venture capitalist who invests in startup communities. In his Medium article, Suster discusses the funding market situation in repsonse to COVID-19. He also includes a Slidehsare that discusses market trends before, during, and after unstable activity.

7. SHRM: Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources

While COVID-19 has brought many organizations to a standstill, SHRM is doing everything in its power to keep yours going. Stocked with question-and-answer docs, public policies, tool kits, and other news, this online resource will help you prepare your workforce to adapt with change, work from home, handle quarantines, and more.

8. LinkedIn Groups

Startup Specialists Group
This online network of entrepreneurs and startups is one of the largest moderated community for startups, mentors, founders, and investors consultants on LinkedIn. Learn more at mystartupspecialists.com.

Band of Entrepreneurs
Band of Entrepreneurs provides its startup-centric members with support in legal departments, human resources, public relations, technology, finance, marketing, and more. A lifeline for entrepreneurs, this group will help you flourish during difficult times.

Entrepreneurs Network
The perfect partner in times of peril, this group describes themselves as being “for compassionate leaders who aspire to make the world a better place.” For entrepreneurs looking to create a better, kinder, more sustainable world, visit the Entrepreneurs Network.

For more tips, assistance, or insights on the talent community in your startup ecosystem, connect with our team!

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