Is your startup positioned to win top talent in 2024?

2023 was a year of economic uncertainty and labor market cooling as “The Great Resignation” came to an end and tech companies made headlines amid widespread layoffs. Although predicting slow economic growth in 2024, warnings of a recession have quieted, and businesses remain on the hunt for great talent. 

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In this blog, we’re sharing some of the latest startup recruiting trends to position your organization to win top talent throughout the year. 

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A Better Candidate Experience 

These days, when employers can instantly go viral for all the wrong reasons, providing a positive candidate experience is crucial. This starts with crafting a job posting that clearly articulates the role’s expectations and responsibilities and continues with keeping job seekers informed of where they are in the hiring process and delivering helpful and honest feedback. The candidate experience also extends to the onboarding period and ensuring a smooth transition once they officially join your team. 

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Employees still want the ability to work from home, but remote opportunities are on the decline. A recent FlexJobs report found that 95 percent of working professionals want some type of remote work, and 63 percent said remote work, not compensation, is the most important aspect of their job. 

While many employers have been in the headlines for calling workers back to the office, startups may be better positioned to offer remote or hybrid opportunities. Offering employees the option to work from home will significantly broaden your talent pool and could be the key to finding the best talent for your organization. 

Leveraging AI 

Artificial intelligence remains a hot topic, and businesses are still trying to navigate how to use the technology as ethically and effectively as possible. If used properly, AI can be a valuable time-saver for startups whose resources are already stretched thin. Employers are already leveraging AI to craft job postings, source candidates, and vet resumes. However, candidates are wary of AI in talent acquisition, and startups should be mindful that they’re not replacing the human element in the hiring process completely. 

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Fractional Hiring 

More startups are considering fractional executives as a way to leverage the experience and expertise of executive-level talent without having to commit to a full-time salary. Fractional leaders are typically brought on for a fixed number of hours each week or month and have a focused scope of work and deliverables. Fractional hires can be a more cost-effective option for growing companies that may not have the capital to bring on a dedicated C-suite leader. 

Focus on Soft Skills 

Companies are ditching degree requirements and shifting their focus to soft skills. New research from LinkedIn shows that communication is the top skill companies are looking for right now, while adaptability is another soft skill that’s growing in demand. Startup leaders should think about the soft skills that will benefit their organizations the most and assess them during the interview process.  

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One more way to ensure you’re fulfilling your startup’s hiring needs in 2024 is partnering with a recruiting firm like Viaduct. To learn more about our total talent solutions, get in touch with us today. 

This blog was authored by Viaduct Managing Director Pete Petrella. 

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