Validate Ideas

Is this worth the time and money?

You have a concept. Now you need to assess whether your concept is aimed in the right direction, by helping you validate your aims and goals.

At Viaduct, we have the resources and entrepreneurial expertise to conduct the market research and concept validation that enables companies to chart the journey from concept to reality.

Are we aimed in the right direction?

Your product solves a problem, but is it aimed at the right audience? And more importantly, is this something that people will pay for?

We will help you refine your go-to-market strategy and delivery model to verify that the idea is not only highly marketable and desirable, but that you will be able to monetize your service into a growing business.

Laying the foundation.

Your problem is real, and the model is sound, now it’s time to take the steps to make it into a reality.

Viaduct will help you handle the next stage of development by providing the resources or advice to guide you through product development, legal gaps, patenting, and prototyping.

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