Creating the Brand


We are very excited to launch the branding for our new venture in the Buffalo and Western New York area. With the backing of Superior Group, Viaduct will serve as a bridge that connects startups to the talent and resources they need in order to scale and succeed.

Our mission is to vet talent and resources that fit startup needs and cultures and builds bridges to foster connections in ecosystems. We provide the support necessary to ensure organizations, entrepreneurs, and job seekers can build leading products, brands, and companies.

Working with leaders and entrepreneurs in the area, the brand was developed to be meaningful, eye catching, and to serve as a recognizable symbol of new paths for emerging businesses.

The brand mark is a modern take on a very traditional structure, and serves to show that there are new ways to traverse some of the peaks and valleys that come with the startup landscape. The use of one flowing line, making up three arches, signifies the unity between startups, talent, and needed resources. These three arches are what make up the central roles in the entrepreneurial community.

Along with the mark, several patterns have been incorporated throughout the identity, but the most prevalent are fine topographic marks that follow the same monoline appearance of the mark. When paired, the mark is placed over these topographic landscapes, signifying the ability for Viaduct to traverse the journey startups embark on from valleys to peaks.

As Viaduct moves further in developing out its brand, we will be launching a new website and talent portal for startups and job seekers to come together to build the future.

Stay tuned!

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